John Mututho – Politics

John Mututho was born on May 28th 1955 in Nakuru county, Molo constituency. The son of a farmer, Mututho was instilled with the core values – honesty, hard work and belief in God – that define him today. My passion for agriculture started way back when I was young. This steered me into pursuing various disciplines in agriculture, resource economics, and environmental economics, and played an active research role with Dr. Robert Dumsday, Australia, focusing on desertification and later soil and water management. Before this I attended the St. Brendan Primary school in Turi and later joined Michinda Secondary school in Elburgon.

I believe Nakuru has the unexploited potential in agriculture. Let’s work together and regain Nakuru’s glory. After school, I started by working in the civil service for over 11 years, 2 years coordinating International Agencies and the Kenya Government projects in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL), A water harvesting system which was implemented by FAO in Kenya and Ethiopia, using shallow pit systems in water shed management.

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