Mututho blames NTSA of sleeping on the job

The newly appointed Transport Licensing Appeal Board (TLAB) Chairman John Mututho is calling for a coordinated approach against road carnage. The chairman has said that NTSA should ensure that better roads do not mean more deaths. He lamented that out of every ten fatal accident along Mombasa road, seven of them involves a truck. The Chairman wants NTSA to update relevant road signage on Kenyan roads to guide pedestrians and motorists. He attributed the rise of the number of accidents to inadequate road signs saying that many users are unfamiliar with the new road networks.

“This issue of people vandalizing the road signs can be stopped by imposing heavy penalties or using material that is of no value to those involved,” Mututho said. Mututho wants the authority to work with the traffic police department to minimize the number of roadblocks along highways and instead adopt modern ways of inspecting vehicles. This he says will be a good way of fighting corruption.

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