Mututho calls for re-introduction of roadside courts

Transport Licensing Appeals Board chairman John Mututho has called for the re-introduction of roadside courts especially in major towns in order to deal with cases of road malpractice. According to Mututho, the courts should be introduced in Nakuru, Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu before being rolled out in other towns. Mututho stated that the court proceedings should also be streamed live online in order to promote transparency and accountability. Speaking to the press at Merica hotel in Nakuru on Monday, Mututho noted that there was need to fast track cases involving traffic offenders in the country.

The former NACADA boss also hit out at the National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA) for lack of properly labeled road signs. “There are only two road signs from Nairobi to Nakuru. Yet, we need them to mark areas which have potholes, accident prone zones and even bumps,” said Mututho. He pointed out that many motorists from outside the country would not know where there are black spots.

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