Mututho pushes for increase in minimum drinking age

In Kenya, the accepted and legal minimum age that allows one to drink is 18 years. However, certain elements in society have held the point of view that the limit may be insufficient and may indeed be detrimental to society. The Chairman of the National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse NACADA, John Mututho wants the age limit for the minimum legal age for alcohol consumption to be raised to 21 years.

Mututho alleges that research has shown that 18 year olds are not responsible enough and should therefore be restricted from alcohol conception until their achieve better maturity. While speaking during the closure ceremony for the campaign of ‘No ID, No Sale of Alcohol’, which was carried out in 1,000 alcohol outlets across the country where Mututho warned that anyone found selling alcohol to underage children should be arrested and their stock confiscated.

The proposal seems to gaining support from a section of society, including bar owners present at the event. This comes as reports filter in from various parts of the country heralding the slow and creeping return of then illicit brew menace. This year has seen several incidents involving large numbers of underage drinkers nabbed in drinking dens and nightclubs across the country’s urban centers.

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