The other side of Hon. John M. N. Mututho that you need to know about

John Mututho is married and a proud father of three  daughters and five sons. During an interview to unmask who Mututho is, he came off as a humble, kind and focused family man.

Reporter: When you feel low who do you talk to?

Mututho: Whenever I have a bad day, I pray first as I gather my strength from God. Then I call my wife and talk to her and will listen to her opinions and advise. This helps me to stay grounded and focused as we discuss and sometimes she will help me come up with solutions. Sometimes I will call my daughters or sons and talk to them.

Reporter: How close are you to your family?

Mututho:  I am very close with my children and we talk about everything. In fact we even have a family whatsapp group that we use to discuss our day to day activities. We also advice and discuss issues because sometimes we are unable to meet since some of my children work and others are in school. They are also my source of strength after my wife.

Reporter: Which color of shirt would you not be caught dead wearing? 

Mututho: I cannot pick on any color as I believe that you can be diverse in your dressing. It just depends on how you blend your outfits. For me my wife and daughters normally help me pick out what to wear. In fact my current outfit was picked by them, so I attribute my sense of style to my family.

Reporter: Have you ever taken alcohol? 

Mututho: Yes, I did on 11th December 1974 at Kagema bar in Turi. I was given by my sister’s boyfriend a half glass of beer and I didn’t enjoy it at all. In fact it tasted like urine. That was my first and last time to taste alcohol.

Reporter: What do you think is the main reason why people drain their sorrows with alcohol?

Mututho: The fact that it is readily available makes it easy to access it, also the fact that there is cheap alcohol is also a contributing factor some of these brands are not produced under hygienic conditions.

Reporter: How does a family member deal with an alcoholic? 

Mututho: An alcoholic doesn’t need to be condemned. If you are dealing with one, whether a child or an adult you need to show them love. The drinking is a silent protest to show that something is amiss. Instead of condemnation, show love and concern and it will help them in their recovering process.

Reporter: Would you allow your children to venture into the brewery business? 

Mututho: No I would not agree to it. This is because if you look around at the people in that line of business, as profitable as it is, their lives are not as smooth. They will rise but unfortunately they will fall twice as hard, it’s like blood money.

Parting shot: My advice to the youth is that they should make better choices, the government is giving money but most of those who take up the offer spend the money on drugs, electronics, cars etc. I would advise them to take up investments that will help them grow in the long term to better their lives.

John Mututho is the current Chairman of the National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) Board. He is known for introducing the stringent laws on alcohol sale and consumption.

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