Active Politics

Hon John M. N. Mututho joined active elective politics in 2002. Contested for the KANU ticket in Naivasha Parliamentary seat and won an overwhelming majority. Went on to contest for the seat in the general elections December 2002 and lost by a whisker in the election marred by irregularities. Contested again in a by election in 2003 following the death of the immediate former MP and came a close second. Continued with politics of development after this, initiating many development projects in the constituency and beyond; assisting in many human interest issues. Led the orange campaign in the then Nakuru District during the 2005 referendum campaigns against the proposed constitution, working together with the then leader of official opposition and current President of Kenya, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta. Ran on a KANU ticket in the 2007 elections and won in the General elections that year, beating seventeen other candidates. A strong pro-government crusader and fierce supporter and defender of the President and Government institutions on Jubilee platform

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