Agriculture plays a vital role in economic development in Africa and as such it is important for the county government of Nakuru to determine and promote the implementation of agricultural policies and measures in a manner designed to promote, support and enhance productivity in the sector. The Nakuru county government will demonstrate this through: –

  • Increase efficiency in agricultural production through mechanization and employment of modern technology in farming which will reduce the cost of food production.
  • Establishment of new coffee belts in Subukia valley and other suitable areas focusing on varieties such as batian and Ruiru.
  • Promotion of in-vitro fertilizers to introduce the finest breeds of dairy cows targeting over 30 liters of milk per day and enhancing calf survival for calf rearing.
  • Rabbit farming- Introduce commercial breeds for high quality meat production for export and to avail rabbit urine as an organic fertilizer.
  • Grape farming- Subukia valley and adjacent lands hold vast potential in fresh grape fruit production which can be processed into juice and wine. Naivasha is already producing wine in experimental farms (Leleshwa wines)
  • Farmers training and technology transfer from research institutions, innovators and worldwide farming communities.
  • Agricultural extension services (man power development)- the government of Kenya has undertaken very aggressive upgrading of extension services following the promulgation of the new constitution and as such the county government will propose a system of deployment that will reward time of engagement in all fields. E.g. extension worker payment will be based on the enterprise advisory time (E.A.T.)
  • Fish development- The county government will achieve this through bio medical culturing in salty lakes, practice of aquaculture, introduction of the cage system and stocking of all fresh water lakes and dams.
  • Industrial crop development- This includes mushrooms, pyrethrum, cereals and medicinal plants.
  • Consolidated credit firm services will be provided to assist farmers are faced with serious financial constraints to meet the four factors of production.
  • My Government will work to the deployment of the above-mentioned enterprises at varying scales fully commercialized.
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