Bills Passed into Acts

1. Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2010

Personally initiated the Alcoholics Drinks Control Bill that was passed by Parliament and assented to by H.E. President Mwai Kibaki on the 13th of August 2010
This Act was done after:
• Noting an alarming increase in alcoholic drinks related deaths, blindness, impotence and a breakdown of the family unit dating back to 1998
• Personally initiating and undertaking an extensive research and consultation at Kshs 8.6 million and a further Kshs 3.5 million by Parliament.
• Continuously conduction free consultancy on implementation upon Presidential assent and forwarding actively within 24 hours all infringements to various authorities for action
• Conducting many public rallies and electronic and print media interviews to popularize and sensitize the Kenyan public about the law.
• The act had an immediate success rate of 85% upon coming in force. It has formed the foundational basis for all county alcoholic drinks control acts

2. The Sugar (Amendment) Bill

This Bill sought to amend the Sugar Act to revamp the sugar sector by injecting professionalism as well as ensure that farmers get value for their produce and payments would be based on among others sucrose content of the cane.

3. Nurses (Amendment) Bill 2010

This Bill was published on 31st December 2010 and was passed by Parliament on 7th June 2011

4. Labour Institutions (Amendment) Bill 2011

This Bill sought to increase the minimum wages by 50% due to inflation and rising cost of living. This Bill would lead to the betterment of living conditions for majority of Kenyan workers. Though it was not concluded by the time of expiry of the 10th Parliament due to timelines of constitutional bills, Hon Mututho successfully pursued the matter with the Minister for Labour who established the Floricultural Wages Council on 14th November 2012. The Council was gazetted in 2013 with specific mandate to look into issues of remuneration for workers in the floriculture sector. This Bill was done and pushed against a backdrop of intense resistance from KFC, FKE and KEPSA but Hon Mututho faithfully pushed on, informed by the plight of workers in flower farms in Naivasha and the rest of the country.

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