John Mututho Empowerment Center (JOMEC)

This is a treatment and rehabilitation centre based in Nakuru which is now the largest such facility in Africa which has seen various government delegations from other countries come visit for bench marking. It opened its doors to the first patients in November 2016 and has so far treated over 800 with an impressive 58% success rate. It is a nationally, regionally and internationally renowned treatment and empowerment centre for persons with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). JOMEC’s mission is informed by scientific evidence that alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictive disorders are treatable illnesses and those affected including family members require treatment and rehabilitation services in order to recover, and be of great use to their families and our country.

It has one of the most comprehensive treatment and counselling program of any institution in the world; it is also the nation’s largest and the second largest rehabilitation centre in Africa as measured by enrolment and structure. It also has the best professional medical and psychological staffs available in the region, consisting of a Medical Doctor, Program Director, Psychiatrist, Registered Nurses, Counselors/Case Managers and Substance Abuse Technicians all working toward the goal of helping our clients overcome addictions, in a very caring, professional and respectful atmosphere.

JOMEC intends to advance its reputation as a leading treatment centre in the nation and the world. It aspires to be known for excellence in treatment, counselling and for continually setting new standards of quality and service. To achieve these goals, JOMEC invests in the strongest programs which include administration, empowerment, clinical and counselling.

  • Countryside Suppliers Limited
  • Agrotech Management Consultants Limited
  • Highfields Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Farmline Company Limited
  • Executive Curtains & Furnishings Limited
Countryside Suppliers Limited

This company supplied world class curtains and fabrics to Kenyatta National Hospital in the year 2000 and which are intact 18 years and counting. Also supplied Patient Bedside Lockers, stainless steel, BA finish during the same period and they are also intact to-date.

Agrotech Management Consultants Limited

This is a manpower consultancy firm that does consultancy works for several local and international companies by doing their human resource management

Highfields Pharmaceuticals Limited

Deals in pharmaceutical and other hospital products. Has supplied drugs and non-drug medical equipment’s to Kenyatta National Hospital, Moi Referral, Mater Hospital, AMREF (protective gear during Ebola outbreak in neighbouring Uganda)

Farmline Company Limited

Deals in farm produce including being involved in actual farming

Executive Curtains & Furnishings Limited

Deals in soft furnishings and supplied curtains to Mater Hospital way back in 2004 and which are as good as new 14 years later.

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