The deterioration of the environment, often referred to as environmental degradation, threatens the earth’s natural resources such as our clean water supply, fossil fuels for energy and food supply. Many of these resources are nonrenewable so when they run out we will be forced to find new alternatives. The County Government will work towards;

  • Provision of county by laws to govern the pollution of the environment and implementation of policies like Environmental Management and Co-Ordination Act (EMCA, 1999).
  • Plant 400 million trees within the first 5 years – this will be achieved through every resident planting 200 trees.
  • Desilting of the lakes- all lakes will be desilted through practical measures to ensure that all free-flowing water is clean.
  • Revision of all sewerage systems to have recyclable water disposable system contrary to the murky water that are prevalent.
  • Measures to be taken against backfilling in quarry mines.
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