Food Security

As Chairman, Agriculture Committee: He Conceptualized and initiated the Galana irrigation project to address the perennial food security challenges. Toured Israel several times to learn more on the best technology to adopt for the same, a project that was adopted by the Jubilee government and is well on its implementation phases. At optimum, it is envisaged and modeled to significantly bring down the cost of maize flour. He Led the Agriculture Committee in major inquiries into and reported on various issues affecting the Kenyan farmers in various sectors including:
• Tea
• Coffee
• Sugar
• Pyrethrum
• Milk

Compiled over 18 Committee reports, tabled and moved debate on the same in Parliament including on:
• Kenya Planters Cooperative Union (KPCU)
• Kenya Cooperative Creameries Ltd (KCC)
• Harambee Sacco
• Sugar sector
• Mumias Sugar Company
• Maize and food security report
• Pyrethrum Board of Kenya

This was a feat that we accomplished and no other committee ever came close to my committee on the front of reports. These reports and other engagements helped save some of the parastals from ill-advised privatization that has seen government lose control of several agencies and by extension led to layoffs and escalated the problem of unemployment. Fortunately, thanks to my and the committee’s efforts KPCU and PBK were protected and New KCC revived.

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