I am well qualified for Nakuru county Governorship

Over the years I have been involved in various engagements and appointments within the Government which include: Vice Chairman Departmental Committee on Agriculture, Lands and Natural resources (2008), Chairman Departmental Committee on Agriculture, Lands and Natural Resources (2008-9), and Chairman Departmental Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperatives (2009-13). I also oversaw six (6) Ministries I also oversaw six (6) Ministries, Agriculture, Cooperative Development, Development of Northern Kenya & Other Arid Areas, Regional Development, Fisheries Development and Livestock Development with over 100 Parastatals falling under them. I have provided oversight in various agricultural related aspects including: Maize, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO, New KCC, KMC, KPCU, Kenya Sugar Authority, Potatoes and KEVEVAPI.

Legislative Work

As an MP in the 10th Parliament, rated 4th best and 1st among the first time MPs in my first year as MP, by the Federation of Women Lawyers in their audit of performance of the 10th Parliament in 2009. I ranked among the most popular Kenyans by a research carried out by the Star Newspaper and as among the movers and shakers in 2010 by the weekly Financial Post issue of 10th January 2011. I have been involved in the legislation of various Bills and Acts.

  • Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2010
  • The Sugar (Amendment) Bill
  • Nurses (Amendment) Bill 2010
  • Labor Institutions (Amendment) Bill 2011
  • Traffic (amendment) Bill (proposed)
  • Senior Citizens Bill (proposed)
  • Veterans Motion

I moved the Veterans Motion which was unanimously passed by Parliament on the 8th October 2008. It sought all independence war veterans dating back to colonial time compensated with at least 2.5 acres of arable Land. This motion and the resolution by Parliament formed part of the case in which the Mau Mau veterans took to Britain leading to the payment of the first over 5,000 freedom fighters. On 16th July 2008, I gave notice to move a motion to establish social and economic assistance for senior citizens to cushion them against the high cost of living. This idea was quickly taken up by the government and led to the monthly stipend for the elderly that today benefits over half a million people.

My Vision

“I John Mututho believe that at this point in our Country’s development, Nakuru County needs strong and united leadership to transform its residents’ quality of life and to secure the future of generations to come”

Once elected, my County Government will set on course towards delivering accelerated economic growth, better standards of living, better healthcare and more jobs in the county. This would be achieved through:

  1. Healthcare: Provision of free to affordable healthcare services to all residents of the county.
  2. Agriculture: Increase agricultural yields by shifting from traditional farming methods to modern mechanized systems.
  3. Youth Empowerment: Our youth deserve better jobs, recognition and better lives.
  4. Women Empowerment: Women have an equal right and chance. I will ensure that women are given roles in my County Government.
  5. Employment: Providing direct and indirect employment to Nakuru residents.
  6. Recognize disabled: Support of the disabled through appropriate and equitable infrastructural development.
  7. Digital County: Fully digitizing County Government operations. Leveraging on technology to increase efficiency.
  8. Tourism: Promoting tourism by rehabilitation of the lakes, creating awareness of existing attraction sites and upgrading of the hotel industry.
  9. Education: Providing affordable, quality and relevant education to all county residents.
  10. Energy: Offering free to affordable energy to all residents of the county.
  11. Investment: Providing a suitable environment for investors through means such as offering tax holidays.
  12. Protecting nature: Creating a sustainable environment through conservation and preservation practices.
  13. Clean Water & Sanitation: Each resident is entitled to clean water and sanitation. I will ensure Nakuru becomes clean again.
  14. Security: Nakuru residents deserve safety. I will work hand in hand with the Central Government to ensure security is enhanced throughout the county.
  15. Integration and cohesion: Initiate and maintain coherence in the vast cultures of Nakuru, integrating all tribes to be members of the famous “Naks Family”
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