Proposed Bills

1. Traffic (amendment) Bill

Initiated the Traffic (Amendment) Act that sought to amend the Traffic Act to compel all Public Transport Vehicles (PSVs) to have special fleets and sitting arrangements specifically for school children at peak hours within certain City and County Councils

2. Senior Citizens Bill

I conceptualized a bill to cater for senior citizens in Kenya to help cushion them from socio-economic hardships. My idea was to have a Bill to specifically address the needs of all senior persons in the country. I had on 16th July 2008, I given notice to move a motion to establish social and economic assistance for senior citizens to cushion them against the high cost of living and then moved to change it into a bill from the onset. These attempts informed and greatly influenced the Ministry of Special Programs to enact a similar bill that has led to the cash transfers for senior citizens that is so far benefitting over a million senior and growing. The hallmark of this Bill and motion was to ensure that senior citizens access healthcare for free at any government health facility for whatever medical condition. It is imperative to note that this is the objective of the Jubilee government to attain universal healthcare.

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