Representational Role

Raised many questions relating to issues affecting Naivasha Constituency, Nakuru County and beyond on:

  • Road accidents: raised many questions on the perennial road accidents along the highways, especially Nairobi-Nakuru-Eldoret Highway. This includes
  • Environmental matters: Strong advocate of environmental conservation and protection of forest cover. Was engaged in awareness campaigns and actual planting of trees including in Naivasha town. Started these efforts in 2004 when together with a few friends registered Mau West Environmental Development Initiative (MWEDI) to raise awareness on the depletion of the Mau forest and the need to conserve it.

Raised many questions on Lake Naivasha especially in 2009 when the lake was on the verge of drying up and lobbied the government through various Ministries as well as the Prime Minister’s Office and private firms including the flower farms in Naivasha. This effort saw the government come together to initiate projects and policies to both protect the lake as well as conserve its catchment in Gilgil’s Gitare and the Nyandarua ranges. The hallmark of this effort was the coming in of the United Kingdom Royal family in the Imarisha Naivasha programme, a Kshs 11billion programme that has seen deliberate efforts to ensure that the lake is protected. This has greatly raised the water levels

  • Peace: Was newly elected Naivasha MP when the Post Election Violence broke out in parts of the Rift Valley, and escalated to include Nakuru town and Naivasha. Immediately responded to distress calls from distraught residents and helped avert more violence by preaching peace in the midst of the chaos. Personally ferried tens of injured residents to hospital and also housed those displaced from their houses in Naivasha town.
  • Security: raised many questions on this matter as well as helped construct several police stations and posts in Naivasha including in Maiella, Ereri, Langa Langa and other places. Helped repair police vehicles which had been grounded so that they could effectively and promptly respond to emerging issues
  • Food security: Galana Food Security Project idea. The objective was to diversify farming into regions other than the traditional food basket that has seen over use deplete soil nutrients and over reliance on chemical fertilizers that have done more damage by raising the PH and reduced yield.

At optimal exploitation, Galana Food Security Project should be able to feed the entire country and leave a surplus for export. It should bring down the cost of staple maize flour to less than Kshs 50 for 2 Kg packet.

  • Internally Displaced Persons: involved in serious advocacy to have them returned to the places they had been evicted from and guaranteed security as well as resettle those too traumatized to return in other places. Raised numerous questions and sought ministerial statements to this effect.
  • Water: Personally installed water at Kinungi shopping centre in Naivasha at a persola cost of over Kshs 800,000 in 2003 that has continued to serve the local population to date.

Rehabilitated several other water sources including purchase and installation of pumps in boreholes. He endorsed the Mirera Focus Water Project as MP with CDF purchasing land for the borehole and also sourced for over Kshs 10million from the Ministry of water through for the same project. Strongly voiced the water needs for Naivasha and especially the high fluoride levels in and outside parliament that had the government commit to supply fresh clean water from Nyandarua, a programme that is at an advanced state.

  • Irrigation: A strong advocate of irrigated farming in modern ways. Initiated small holder irrigation projects at Ihindu area of Naivasha with the aim to sensitizer the local population on the need to embrace drip irrigation as opposed to over reliance in flood irrigation.
  • Health: Believes that universal health care is not only a constitutional right but also a human right. Have been involved in various projects, individual and community based to pay hospital bills as well as construct health facilities in the communities.

These include the dispensary at Eburru; supplied curtains, patient beds and operation bed. Helped Gilgil hospital acquire a Title Deed and protect the land from grabbers who were eyeing some of its open grounds meant for a rehabilitation center. Contracted from scratch the Maiella Health Centre in the Economic Stimulus Project initiated in 2010 that has helped the Maiella community benefit because they do not have to go all the way to Naivasha town for medical attention as was the case before.

  • Land: A firm believer in land as a factor of production and the need to enable as many people as possible access it. In the same breath, a strong believer in the repossession of all grabbed land. This led to repossessing of grabbed land in Moi Ndabi, Naivasha where prominent personalities surrendered land meant for squatters
  • Education: Believes that education is indeed the key to success. As Board Chairman Naivasha Girls High School, reformed the school and uplifted its performance to top 20 nationally. Did many projects for them including purchase of school bus, contraction of computer lab and installation of computers and several classes and perimeter wall to help keep the girls inside school at all times and curtail those who were initially taking advantage of them.

These measures undoubtedly led to more concentration in class and studies whose ripple effect was improved performance in national exams. Engaged teachers, parents and students as MP to help understand each other and work for the common good. Did the Gilgil Girls High School as the Economic Stimulus Project in Gilgil from scratch, one of few constituencies because others sought to expand existing facilities. Was one of the most vocal MPs in the tenth Parliament, attending 100% whenever Parliament was in session whenever in the country. Overall rated 4th in the 10th Parliament and 1st among all the first time MPs in 2009 by the Federation of Women Lawyers in their audit of performance of the 10th Parliament in 2009. Also rated as one of the most popular Kenyans by a research carried by the Star Newspaper and as among the movers and shakers in 2010 by the weekly Financial Post issue of 10th January 2011. Visited and empathized with the IDPs including being a member of the select committee that looked into issues of the internally displaced persons that recommended a permanent solution

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