Youth Empowerment

The unemployment problem is global and presents a particularly difficult labor market experience for youth. In Kenya especially, unemployment and underemployment continue to be major obstacles to the full utilization of human resources despite relatively strong growth in the Country over the last decade. Youth in Kenya are experiencing much higher unemployment rates than the rest of the Kenyan population. Currently, 70% of unemployed people in Kenya are the youth. Youth aged between 18 and 35 are 30.3% of the total population. The education system in Kenya is not geared towards market demand. Consequently, 92% of unemployed youth have some form of formal education but do not possess any relevant skills. My County Government will work towards;

  • Establish Institutes of Technology in every ward to empower youth with effective and relevant skills to service a modern economy.
  • Nomination of a youthful Deputy Governor to be nominated by the youth and elders.
  • Enhance youth specific affirmative action on Government procurement to 30- 35% to mainstream the participation of youth-run enterprises in economic development.
  • Training of “bodaboda” riders and licenses to be affected.
  • Elimination of tribal requirements in employment.
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